Many of us at Cotrac Lincoln have memories of riding in our grandparent’s Lincoln Continental, perched on the middle armrest so we could see the road ahead. We lived dangerously back then!

The Lincoln Continental of today is a far cry from what our grandparents drove. Sleek and sophisticated design, luxurious amenities, and technologically advanced safety features inspire confidence for the journey ahead.


Your vehicle should be a sanctuary - a haven after a tough day.

With that in mind, Lincoln makes available leather seating and optional Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion massage and independent thigh extenders, which allow you to set your seating preferences just the way you want them.

We didn’t forget the passengers in the rear seat, either. Power lumbar support, massage, heating and ventilating, and ample legroom provide a comfortable riding experience. You won’t have anyone asking to stop and stretch their legs once they experience available climate and audio controls and rear-window shade screens that add a layer of comfort.

Active Noise Control uses microphones to monitor the sound profile of the cabin. Acoustic waves are released through the audio speakers to cancel out unwanted noise and manufacture a calm, quiet sound quality within the cabin.

The seamless lines between the center console and rolltop cupholder are pleasing to the eye and a design triumph. You’ll be able to nestle into the driver’s seat with available power seating, heated and ventilated seats, and optional wood inlays like brown swirl walnut or espresso ash swirl.

Bringing a modern touch to any sedan, the available Twin-Panel Moonroof with power shade retracts to provide fresh, cool air or unobstructed views of starry, moonlit nights.


SYNC 3 technology delivers voice-activated smartphone connectivity no matter where you roam. User-friendly and convenient, the optional Navigation System makes the system easy to use.

Every journey needs a soundtrack! With 19 speakers expertly placed to provide a professional surround sound experience, you’ll never miss a beat with the available Revel Ultima Audio System. Choose from three modes: Stereo, Audience, and Onstage, to customize your listening experience.

The Lincoln Embrace is the penultimate of luxury. A suite of features activates as the Lincoln detects your impending arrival. With your key fob on your person, the car recognizes your return and starts a series of lighting sequences. A glowing Lincoln logo welcome mat is projected onto the ground by both the driver’s and front passenger’s doors, providing safe entry. Simultaneously, the headlamps and tail lamps illuminate while inside door handle pockets, footwells, and console lights brighten the cabin.

Conveniently open or close the trunk lid with a quick wave of your foot under the rear bumper. This hands-free option provides absolute convenience when your hands are full and you’re in a hurry.

Safety Features

At Lincoln, your safety has always been our top priority. Our suite of technologically advanced driver-assistance safety features instills confidence in the journey ahead. While many of these safety features are standard across all our makes and models, ask one of our sales team members which of these are available on the model in which you’re most interested. Some of those safety features include:

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. If the system detects that traffic ahead of you has slowed or come to an abrupt stop, you are alerted to take corrective action. If your response is insufficient, the system deploys Automatic Emergency Braking to mitigate or eliminate a frontal collision.

    • Lane-Keeping System. Using a camera to detect road lane markings, the system alerts you if you unintentionally drift outside your lane. If the camera detects an impending drift, the system will gently guide you back into your lane and alert you to remain focused on the road ahead.

    • Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert. If a vehicle enters your blind spot, our system alerts you by illuminating a subtle light in the corresponding side-view mirror.

Cross-Traffic Alert uses radar to detect vehicles approaching from either side of your car, alerting you to their presence with an audible warning, a visual display in the side-view mirror, and a signal in the message center. This feature is beneficial when backing into a busy parking lot or down a steep driveway.

About Us

Our team at Cotrac Lincoln on Currie Road has served our friends and neighbors in Dutton for years. We know you expect top-quality vehicles and top-notch customer service. We work hard to exceed your expectations.

The Lincoln Continental is not what you remember! With updated everything - sleek interiors, modern technologies, and safety features you have to see to believe, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Visit us TODAY, and take a test drive. Experiment with the available features. See the sophistication for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.