At Cotrac Lincoln, our team understands that when it’s time to turn heads and have all eyes on you, you need a vehicle that can help make an entrance.

With its sleek, modern design, fun features, and next-level safety innovations, the 2021 Navigator is a statement maker.


With a sophisticated silhouette and modern styling, the Lincoln Navigator looks like someone important is inside. And that someone is - you.

A commanding grille and front fascia look both intimidating and in control. The available 22-inch 12-spoke bright machined Dark Tarnish-painted aluminum wheels are bold and modern in both design and function.

Want to turn heads? The illuminated Lincoln Star within the grille is noticeable and unique. As part of the available Lincoln Embrace Plus Package, the available LED-illuminated Lincoln Star logo shines, making your presence known.

Comfort abounds inside the expertly designed interior. Best-in-class second- and third-row legroom mean the passengers in the backseat stay comfortable, no matter how long the journey. With one-touch tilt-and-slide second-row seats and power-reclining third-row seats, there is no more struggling with awkward entrances or exits, either. Elegance, baby. Pure elegance.

We’ve all been there. Arms full, fumbling for keys, desperate to open the liftgate. Lincoln makes it easy. No more balancing and searching. Just wave your foot under the back bumper, and voilá - you’re in. Unload and load with ease.


Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle knew you were coming and prepared for your arrival? Now it does! Multiple key fobs can be programmed to instruct your Navigator to adjust several features to your personal preferences as soon as it recognizes your approach. Change the following features to suit your tastes: audio, climate displays, driver-assist features, mirrors, pedals, and seats. The Navigator knows you’re coming and wants you to feel right at home.

No one likes to find nicks and dings in their side-view mirrors. Lincoln has nearly eliminated that possibly at all with automatic power-folding mirrors. As soon as you exit the vehicle and lock the doors, the mirrors fold gently toward the car. When you enter the Navigator with your key fob and close the doors, the side mirrors fold out automatically. It’s the little things that count the most.

Lincoln offers speed-sensitive electric power-assisted steering (EPAS). At higher speeds, you have more flexible steering. At lower speeds, you’re provided more precise steering. Either way, you are always in control.

We’ve all felt the anxiety of stopping on a hill. That nervous transition before you can accelerate and the fear of rolling backward makes stomachs turn. With Auto Hold, you’ll never have to be worried again. When engaged, this feature holds your position and allows you to transition from brakes to accelerator. No more rollback or stomach turns!

Forget your charger? We’ve thought of that, too. The standard wireless charging pad means all you have to do to charge your phone is set it down. It’s that easy.


Your safety has always been our top priority. Our Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Technologies provide you with driver-assist features that empower and inspire confidence on the road. Many of these features are standard across all Lincoln models. Ask your sales team member which of these are available on the model in which you’re most interested. Safety features include:

    • Lane-Keeping System. If you inadvertently veer from your lane of traffic, our system gently reminds you to refocus on the road ahead.

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Our system scans the roadway ahead for pedestrians and vehicles traveling at a slower rate of speed. If detected, you’re alerted to slow down. If you can’t slow down quickly enough, the system activates Automatic Emergency Braking to help mitigate a collision.

    • Enhanced Active Park Assist. Never worry about parallel or perpendicular parking again! With Enhanced Park Assist, our sensors locate an available spot, and while you control the shifter buttons, brake, and accelerator, the vehicle steers itself perfectly into place. With class-exclusive park-out assist, getting out is just as simple as getting in was.

These are only a sampling of the safety features standard and available across all Lincoln models. Before you leave the dealership, be sure you understand what safety features are part of your experience.

About Us

At Cotrac Lincoln on Currie Road, we know what it means to have all eyes on you. Driving the new Lincoln Navigator, you’ll need to get used to that feeling!

The Navigator is a head-turner. With classic, sophisticated styling and fun features that are both entertaining and convenient, you’ll be thrilled to pull up in this beauty.

Come see us today and take a test drive. Play with the features. Settle into luxury as you’ve never seen it before. You deserve it. You earned it. This vehicle is the ultimate - all for you.